What is the #100in100 connection challenge?

Connect with at least one new person on social media each day for 100 days and donate $100 to charity.


The 100 days will start on 1 June and run till 9 September 2018.


Growing your network can be challenging. You’ve got a business to run and/or a life to lead after all. And sometimes it helps to have a reason to reach out, here’s a great reason.

This challenge provides community and accountability to motivate you to form a habit around reaching out and make meaningful connections with your.

Why donate?

The donation means you’re invested and will see it through, it’s also just a really worthwhile cause to support.

You can make connections under the guise of being involved with #100in100 without donating, but you won’t feel great about it. It’s an honour-system, we trust you!

Also, those who donate and register for the competition are in the running for some fabulous prizes.

How? It’s easy as 1… 2… 3…

Step 1—Register to participate and enter the draw for prizes

Step 2—Connect with at least 7 new connections each week

Step 3—Donate $1 for each new connection you make

Step 1: Register to participate and enter the draw for prizes

Step 2: Connect with at least 7 new people each week

Starting on 1 June, start reaching out to people you’d like to connect with on your social media.

Use this to grow your professional or B2B network. Some platforms (like LinkedIn) allow you to include a customised message, which we’d recommend.

You’ll be amazed at the impact you can make on someone’s day by reaching out and showing you care!

Getting started

In the video above, Adam Houlahan gives us a free masterclass on the right way and wrong way to make meaningful connections on social media that support the growth of your network and your business.

Then download the guide to access message templates you can use as a starting point.

Tips. Think about:

    • Batch it up and do some each week, each month, or reach out to 100 all at once. When you do it is up to you. It really doesn’t take that long.
    • If you’re making professional or B2B connections, a personalised connection invitation makes a powerful first impression.

  • See our guide for how to word your connection requests and how to follow up afterwards to build a quality relationship.


Step 3: Donate to a worthy cause

Pick one from below, suggested donation $1 for each new connection you make.

All funds are collected directly by B1G1 who disperse 100% of donations to your nominated cause.

Our causes for 2018 are all delivered by Free To Shine, working to prevent children from entering sex trafficking in South East Asia.

B1G1 donations are temporarily unavailable. Please come back and donate later!

Optionally: Engage with others participating and spread the word

Post updates on your progress to your socials using #100in100

Support and encourage your fellow challengers. Check out the feed of #100in100 posts daily, or swing by when you have time.

Like what you like, share what you think others will value, comment when you have something to say.


Know someone who needs some support in growing their network? Or who loves supporting a good cause?

Send them over here and get them to sign up.

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Frequently asked questions

Tell me why again?

To challenge ourselves to grow our network, build meaningful relationships and to raise money for a worthy cause.

How to be involved?

Register here, connect with at least 1 new person each day on your social platforms. At the end or during, donate $1 for each new connection you make.

What if I miss a day?

That’s ok. Keep going. Don’t beat yourself up about it.

Where does the money go?

All donations will go directly to the B1G1 platform to help support the work Free To Shine are doing to prevent children from entering sex trafficking in South East Asia. 100% of donations are passed on by B1G1 to your nominated cause.

Why those charities?

It’s 2018, but did you know there are still 4.5 million people are in situations of commercial sexual exploitation?

We believe sex trafficking of any kind is right up there as one of the modern atrocities that absolutely must be wiped off the face of the planet. And the approach Free To Shine take of empowering young people is a powerful, sustainable approach for making this happen, one child at a time. This aligns with the UN Global Goal for compassion and justice for all.

What do I get for participating?

  • A community and/or reminders to keep you accountable.
  • 100 new connections you can build into quality professional relationships.
  • The knowledge that you’re supporting a fantastic cause.
  • The satisfaction and excitement of participating in a movement that’s bigger than any one of us alone.

I don’t know what to say?

That’s ok. Reaching out can be uncomfortable at first, but you’ll find most people are really excited and inspired by your passion and dedication to a wonderful cause.

For tips on what to say, see our guide to making 100 connections in 100 days.

Look, socials really not my thing

If you don’t have a business or social media is really not your thing, but you still want to participate, then take the reflection and personal growth challenge instead.